College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Zafer Hatahet, Dean

Welcome. Our programs and curricula include the applied biology, astronomy, chemistry, communication, data science, human factors psychology, the humanities, forensic biology, forensic psychology, industrial/organization psychology, mathematics, military science, and simulation science, animation & gaming, social sciences, and space physics. COAS provides most of the foundational courses taken by all majors on campus.

Vision, Mission, and Values

In the College of Arts and Sciences (COAS) our vision is to turn out well-rounded, self-reliant, independent and critical thinking, quality graduates who will positively influence the community, country, and globe. 

In commitment to that vision, our mission is to graduate students who are highly ready for- and competitive in the job market. We focus on student success by offering high-level access to faculty and mentoring, innovative and classic teaching methods, and transformational learning opportunities that empower students to achieve high goals.

These experiences and opportunities are fortified by our values, which include the acquisition of knowledge, open communication, diversity, inclusion and equity, cutting-edge research and a passion for teaching, and life balance. 

Our faculty engage in professional scholarly activities that informs their teaching, and enhances the learning opportunities of our students. Please see the degree programs and laboratory sites online for more information.

General Education/Core Curriculum

The College offers the core curriculum which provides essential knowledge supporting all University degree programs. The core curriculum also provides an intellectual and emotional grounding necessary for 21st-century success. Please see the General Education section of this catalog for more information.

U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force ROTC

ROTC activities are administratively situated in the College to ensure the highest quality educational experience for all ROTC cadets. Please refer to the Special Academic Programs and Opportunities section of the catalog for more information.


Bachelor's Degrees

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Natural Science

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