B.S. in Business Administration

Students will:

  • Apply business and leadership principles to lead teams ethically and effectively across business functions.
  • Prepare business communications to effectively engage diverse audiences.
  • Use research and data to develop reasoned, defendable solutions to business problems.
  • Analyze current societal trends and their impact on business.
  • Demonstrate educational goals through consulting and professional industry performance.
  • Apply appropriate analytical techniques to make optimal financial decisions.
  • Critique organizational behavior and general management concepts and theories.

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration requires successful completion of a minimum of 120 credit hours and is normally completed in eight semesters. Designed for students interested in obtaining a strong business foundation, the student may select an Area of Concentration in Accounting, Finance or Management.

Students should declare their Area of Concentration at the beginning of their sophomore year. Students who want to specialize in more than one Area of Concentration may cross-utilize up to 6 credit hours toward the second area of concentration. 

The School of Business is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and the goal of our accredited program is to create management professionals with strong business and leadership acumen. 

Program Requirements

General Education

Embry-Riddle degree programs require students to complete a minimum of 36 hours of General Education coursework. For a full description of Embry-Riddle General Education guidelines, please see the General Education section of this catalog.

Students may choose other classes outside of their requirements, but doing so can result in the student having to complete more than the degree's 120 credit hours.  This will result in additional time and cost to the student.

Communication Theory and Skills9
Computer Science/Information Technology3
Physical and Life Sciences (Natural Sciences)6
Humanities and Social Sciences12
3 hours of Lower-Level Humanities
3 hours of Lower-Level Social Science
3 hours of Lower-Level or Upper-Level Humanities or Social Science
3 hours of Upper-Level Humanities or Social Science
Total Credits36

Business Core (85-86 Credits)

The following course of study outlines the quickest and most cost-efficient route for students to earn their B.S. in Business Administration. Students are encouraged to follow the course of study to ensure they complete all program required courses and their prerequisites within four years.

Courses in the core with a # will satisfy your general education requirements.

ACC 210Financial Accounting *3
ACC 312Managerial Accounting **3
BA 102Introduction to Aviation, Aerospace and Global Business3
or BA 189 Introduction to Business
BA 201Principles of Management3
BA 222Business Analytics Tools #3
BA 311Marketing3
BA 319Managerial and Organizational Behavior *3
BA 320Business Information Systems3
BA 325Social Responsibility and Ethics in Management3
BA 335International Business3
BA 352Business Analytics for Decision Making3
BA 353Management of Production and Operations3
BA 390Business Law3
BA 437Strategic Management and Consulting3
COM 122English Composition #3
EC 210Microeconomics #3
EC 211Macroeconomics3
EC 315Managerial Economics3
FIN 332Corporate Finance I *3
General Education - Communications Elective #6
General Education - Humanities Lower-Level Elective #3
General Education - Humanities and Social Science Upper-Level Elective #3
General Education - Natural Science Elective (One must include a lab) #7-8
MA 111Pre-Calculus for Aviation #3
or MA 120 Quantitative Methods I
MA 222Business Statistics #3
PSY 101Introduction to Psychology (OR Social Science Lower-Level Elective) #3

Open Electives (16-17 Credits)

Open Electives16-17

Areas of Concentration - Choose One

Finance (18 Credits)

BA 370Machine Learning and Big Data **3
FIN 334Investment Analysis3
FIN 342International Finance **3
FIN 434Corporate Finance II3
Select two courses from the following:6
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination *
Intermediate Accounting **
Professional Consulting
Money and Banking
Personal Financial Planning
Airport Administration and Finance
CEBA 396 Co-op or Internship, Study Abroad (focused in Accounting, Business Administration, or Economics), or any Accounting, Business Administration, or Economics Upper-Level Elective

Accounting (18 Credits)

ACC 329Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination *3
ACC 339Intermediate Accounting **3
ACC 351Auditing Principles and Procedures *3
ACC 390Financial Statement Analysis Business Valuation *3
Select two courses from the following:6
Professional Consulting
Money and Banking
Investment Analysis
International Finance **
CEBA 396 Co-op or Internship, Study Abroad (focused in Accounting, Business Administration, or Economics), or any Accounting, Business Administration, or Economics Upper-Level Elective

Management (18 Credits)

BA 328Professional Consulting3
BA 341Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management **3
Management Designated Electives12
Students must select 4 Upper level Accounting, Business Administration, Economics courses which reference "Management," "Managerial," or "Administration" in the course title or description.
Total Credits120

Only Offered in Fall


Only Offered in Spring


General Education Course

All Army ROTC students are required to complete SS 321 - U.S. Military History 1900-Present (3 credits) in order to commission.

Business Administration - General

Freshman Year
COM 122 English Composition 3
BA 102 Introduction to Aviation, Aerospace and Global Business 3
Introduction to Business
MA 111 Pre-Calculus for Aviation 3
Quantitative Methods I
Open Elective 4
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (OR Social Science Lower-level Elective) 3
UNIV 101 College Success (1)
 Credits Subtotal16.0
BA 201 Principles of Management 3
BA 222 Business Analytics Tools 3
EC 210 Microeconomics 3
Humanities Lower-Level Elective 3
Natural Science Elective with Lab 4
 Credits Subtotal16.0
Sophomore Year
ACC 210 Financial Accounting 3
Communications Elective 3
EC 211 Macroeconomics 3
MA 222 Business Statistics 3
Natural Science Elective 3
 Credits Subtotal15.0
ACC 312 Managerial Accounting 3
BA 311 Marketing 3
BA 352 Business Analytics for Decision Making 3
Communications Elective 3
Open Elective 4
 Credits Subtotal16.0
Junior Year
BA 319 Managerial and Organizational Behavior 3
BA 320 Business Information Systems 3
BA 353 Management of Production and Operations 3
FIN 332 Corporate Finance I 3
Humanities or Social Science Upper-Level Elective 3
 Credits Subtotal15.0
BA 335 International Business 3
Concentration Courses 6
EC 315 Managerial Economics 3
Open Elective 3
 Credits Subtotal15.0
Senior Year
BA 325 Social Responsibility and Ethics in Management 3
BA 390 Business Law 3
Concentration Courses 6
Open Elective 3
 Credits Subtotal15.0
BA 437 Strategic Management and Consulting 3
Concentration Courses 6
Open Elective 3
 Credits Subtotal12.0
 Credits Total: 120.0