Campus Life and Student Services

students celebrating at a school event

The Prescott Campus provides a comprehensive schedule of activities to enhance our students’ collegiate experience. A wide variety of co-curricular programs and services are available to provide students with educational, entertainment, and topics of current interest to support the maturation, health, and safety of our student body. Nationally recognized speakers, educators and entertainers compliment campus faculty and staff members and local authorities in providing programs for the benefit of our students.

Departments reporting to the Dean of Students Office that provide services to students include: Housing and Residence Life, Student Engagement (including clubs and organizations and fraternity/sorority life), Wellness Center, Counseling Services, Veteran’s Affairs, Chapel and the Women’s and Diversity Center.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association Student Council (SGA) is elected each spring semester by the student body and is responsible for providing a communication link between the students and the faculty, the staff, and the administration. While representing the student body and serving as the voice of the students, the SGA also provides many services and is actively involved with student activities. SGA services to the students include, but are not limited to: free beverage service, free taxi rides to students when they are in unsafe situations through the Safe Ride program, a weekly shuttle service for shopping, and student organization storage lockers, The SGA provides funding, oversight and support to campus service organizations including Horizons Newspaper, Board of Campus Activities, Student Campus Enhancement Fung, and student clubs and organizations. SGA members are actively involved in many of the committees on campus, and the president of the SGA serves as a student delegate to the Embry-Riddle Board of Trustees. For questions, comments, or concerns, contact the SGA in the Student Union, e-mail or call 1-928-777-3784.