Residential Housing and Dining

Residence Life Program

Located in Haas Commons (Building 73), the Department of Housing and Residence Life provides on-campus housing for students. Embry-Riddle believes that the on-campus living experience is an integral and positive part of a well-rounded University education. Interaction with other students in the campus community living environment is a major contributor to student success. National research shows that students who live on campus earn better grades, tend to be more involved in campus activities, and are more likely to graduate than students who live off campus. The on-campus housing system offers programs and services that support the academic mission of the University and promote student success. All residence halls are staffed by specially trained personnel who are committed to helping students and promoting a positive community environment.

Residential Facilities

Residence halls are fully-furnished and air-conditioned. Housing fees cover all utilities, including internet (plug-in and wireless). Although computer labs are conveniently located in academic buildings, students should provide their own personal computers for use in residential housing.

All residence halls have nearby vending facilities, easy access to laundry facilities, and campus dining areas.

First-year students are assigned to areas specifically for first-year students.

Upper-division students can live in a variety of campus residences, including suites and apartments, on a space-available basis.

Accommodations for disabled students are available. Requests for these spaces should be made to the Student Accessibility Services located in Building 43 or 1-928-777-67502. SAS requests need to be initiated by June 1 for Fall semester, December 1 for Spring semester, and April 1 for Summer semester.

Housing Application Policies

Housing information is sent to students who have been accepted to the University. All housing applications and deposits are made online in ERNIE under Departments → Prescott Campus → Housing. Contracts must be submitted online to the Department of Housing and Residence Life, with a $300 deposit. New students required to live on-campus must apply no later than June 1 (December 1 for Spring semester) for a guaranteed space in Embry-Riddle managed housing, not necessarily a specific location or room type.

All of our housing applications are for the full academic year (August to May). A separate application is available for Summer housing and students can live on-campus all year long.

Students who wish to break their Housing contract must submit the request via ERNIE under Departments → Prescott Campus → Housing. Please refer to the terms and conditions found at our website ( 

New Students

All first-year students who have graduated high school within 12 months of matriculation are required to live in University-managed housing for their first full academic year to include fall and spring and have a seven-day access or Mega Block (250 blocks) meal plan. Exceptions are made for students who are over 21 years old, are married or have a dependent, have a permanent address in Yavapai county at time of application to ERAU, or students who have lived on-campus at another institution of higher education for at least two semesters.

New students who are not required to reside on campus will be housed based on application date; first come, first serve basis, space permitting. Housing is not guaranteed and we will do our best to accommodate all requests. Temporary assignments may be created in order to fulfill all requests for housing.

Returning Students

Returning students can reapply to live in the halls. Spaces for returning students is not guaranteed. The returning student application process starts early in the Spring semester and information will be provided by ERAU e-mail to all returning students.

Housing Options

ERAU Prescott provides a variety of living options. Please refer to our website ( for more information including floor plans.

First-Year Required Student Housing 

(graduated high school within 1 year of matriculation to ERAU)

Mingus Mountain Complex (Halls 1-5)

  • 3-bedroom apartment with a kitchenette and two bathrooms shared by 6 people

Thumb Butte Complex (M100-M400)

  • 1-bedroom suite shared by 2 or 3 people with a private bath

Village Complex (Hall 7)

  • 2-bedroom suite shared by 4 people

Thumb Butte Suites (T2)

  • 2-bedroom suite shared by 4-5 people

Upper Division and Non-Traditional Student Housing

Village Complex (Halls 6-10)

  • 2-bedroom suite shared by 4 people
  • 2-bedroom apartment with kitchen shared by 4 people

Thumb Butte Apartments (T1)

  • 2-bedroom apartment with kitchen shared by 4 or 5 people

Mingus Mountain Complex (Halls 1-5)

  • 3-bedroom apartment with a kitchenette and two bathrooms shared by 6 people

Dining Services

Earhart’s, the main dining hall on campus, offers a variety of all-you-care-to-eat options.  Popular choices include made-to-order deli sandwiches, healthy options at our mindful station, pizza, pasta and the grill.  Vegetarian and vegan entrees are available throughout the day. Dining facilities are conveniently located across the campus and offer a wide range of food selections.  Students can also enjoy weekly specials and events such as cookouts, buffets, and celebrations. Dining service hours are designed to meet the needs of students throughout the day. Accommodations can be made for students with special dietary needs or medical conditions. Our culinary staff is glad to consult with students on an individual basis. Requests for special services should be made to the director of Dining Services at  Please visit Sodexo ( for additional information about Dining Services, including health and wellness information.

Meal Plans

Meal plan costs can be found at and may be obtained by calling Campus Dining at 1-928-777-3768. All first-year students who are required to live on campus must purchase the seven-day all-access or Mega Block (250) meal plan for each of their consecutive fall and spring semesters. Meal Plans are optional for all other students.  The seven-day plan includes $125 in Dining Dollars, while the Soaring Eagle plan includes $200. Dining Dollars can be used to purchase individual items at any campus dining location.

Meal Plan Options for Required Students

  • All You Can Eat (during the hours of Earhart's Dining operation)
  • 7-day All Access with $125 in Dining Dollars

Block Plans for non-required students (number of meals for the semester, declining balance)

  • 250 Mega Block Plan with $200 Dining Dollars
  • 175 Block Plan with $100 Dining Dollars
  • 125 Block Plan with $150 Dining Dollars
  • 85 Block Plan with $100 Dining Dollars
  • 55 Block Plan with $125 Dining Dollars