Center for Diversity & Inclusion

ERAU’s Diversity and Inclusion Statement:

Embry‑Riddle is committed to being a global leader in diversity and inclusion in higher education. We continually strive to recognize, respect and celebrate the differences and cultural identities among individuals as we recruit, support and embrace our diverse community.


Our mission is to advance the campus community's understanding, commitment and respect for diversity, equity and inclusion. Through providing or supporting education, mentoring, programming, advocacy and outreach, the office will foster an environment that is both beneficial and supportive for all students, faculty and staff.

Who we are:

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) at the Embry‑Riddle Prescott Campus celebrates the diversity of students, faculty and staff, and assists in efforts that create an inclusive academic and learning environment through programs, services, resources, trainings and workshops. The Center for Diversity & Inclusion is open to everyone and provides resources and advocacy specifically on behalf of women in STEM, people of color, LGBTQ+ persons and students from other diverse identity groups. The Center for Diversity & Inclusion strives to be a collaborative campus partner that helps students to adapt and thrive in diverse environments, engage in creative, productive and meaningful activities, and understand the impacts of their behaviors on others. The Center for Diversity & Inclusion also engages collaboratively in efforts that support enrollment, persistence and retention, especially for students from underrepresented backgrounds.

Activities include:

  • Producing programs for and about diverse groups on campus (Black History, Women’s History, Latin@ Heritage, MLK Day, Pride, etc.)
  • Reaching out to the campus at large with programs, training, workshops, and consultation (Active Allyship, Civil Discourse, Cultural Competency, Identity Development, Implicit Bias, JEDI Journey – Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Workshops, Psychological Safety, Safe Zone, etc.)
  • Organizing and collaborating on various campus programs and events such as the One Eagle Project Festival, International Education Week, Social Justice Week, guest speakers and more
  • Supporting (financially and otherwise) the activities of campus groups who contribute to the diversity of ERAU-Prescott such as Women in Aviation, National Gay Pilots Association, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, Black Student Union, oSTEM, and many more
  • Providing a safe outlet for individuals and groups to voice their diversity, equity, and inclusion concerns
  • Providing advocacy for individual and group interests
  • Promoting and supporting campus safety and sexual assault prevention initiatives
  • Performing campus-wide assessment activities to identify the current climate, obstacles to diversity, and fruitful initiatives for the future

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion promotes “Inclusive Excellence” to enhance the diverse and global mission of the University.