Undergraduate Courses

Courses numbered 001–099 are basic skills courses and do not apply toward degree requirements. Courses numbered 100–299 are lower-division courses and are generally taken in the freshman and sophomore years. Many lower-division courses serve as prerequisites for other coursework, so students are urged to plan ahead to meet necessary prerequisites. Courses numbered 300–499 are upper-division courses, reflecting advanced levels of technical skills and disciplinary knowledge. Upper-division work is generally taken in the junior and senior years. Only the Dean of a college, or an appointed designee, may waive corequisite and prerequisite requirements. The University reserves the right to administratively drop a student from a course in which prerequisite or co-requisite requirements have not been met.

Course numbers ending in 95 designate time-limited offerings, such as those taught by a visiting lecturer. Course numbers ending in 96 or 97 identify special sequential courses. Those ending in 98 provide students with a unique, collective program of learning activities supervised by a professor. Courses ending in 99 denote individual study between professor and student.

Numbers in parentheses, immediately following course titles and numbers, indicate lecture and laboratory hours that a class meets each week. For example, (3,3) signifies that the course consists of three lecture hours and three laboratory hours weekly. 

Cooperative Education Courses

Cooperative education and internship experiences are designed as academically based experiential education.  Upon approval from the Department Chair and Career Services Director, students may sign up for co-ops or internships in most subject areas.  Students enrolled in a University-approved co-op or internship professional activity and registered for 6 credit hours will be considered full-time, except by the Financial Aid office which will consider this to be half-time.

Undergraduate Course Subject Areas

The following courses are not necessarily offered every term, nor are they offered at all campus locations.