Information Technology (IT)


IT 109  Introduction to Computers and Applications  3 Credits (3,0)

******OFFERED ON PRESCOTT CAMPUS ONLY******Introduction to computers and an overview of PC applications. Computer literacy is presented through lectures on the computer process, the impact of computers on society, emerging technologies, and how to make hardware and software purchasing decisions. A hands-on overview of the most popular computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, database, electronic mail, and Internet is provided.

IT 199  Special Topics in Information Techology  1-6 Credit

******OFFERED ON PRESCOTT CAMPUS ONLY****** Individual independent or directed studies of selected topics.

IT 210  Web Page Authoring and Design  3 Credits (3,0)

This course will address the organization of the Internet, addressing, routing, DNS, and use of Internet applications. It will review such applications as FTP, telnet, and advanced Web searching methodology. This course covers Web page authoring and design techniques using both HTML and WYSIWYG authoring software. Students will study, create, and refine Web pages online as well as create Web graphics. Lastly, legal and ethical issues related to the Internet and emerging technologies are discussed.
Prerequisites: IT 109 or BA 120 or BA 221 or CS 223