Computer Requirements and Email

Computer Use

Each student must have access to a computer, and any course offered may require computer-based work. Students are also required to have access to a webcam and a broadband Internet connection to access e-mail, online course materials, library databases, ERAU's Intranet, and the World Wide Web. In many courses, various types of software must be installed as a requirement to complete course work; therefore, students should have administrative rights on the computers they are using for class in order to install these programs. For certain online courses, students will be required to use a webcam to complete assignments and/or perform identity verification checks throughout the term.

Review the computer requirements for Worldwide students and faculty.

Some course software may not be compatible with Chromebooks and other mobile devices like iPads and mobile phones. Therefore, each student must have access to a computer running macOS or Windows. For the best experience, we recommend using a computer no more than five years old.

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure he/she meets all of the technology requirements listed above and in the attached document prior to attending class.

ERAU Student Email Account

ERAU issues both an email and Embry-Riddle Network for Information Exchange (ERNIE) account to provide access to online services when an application for admission has been submitted. These accounts are made available to students via ERNIE at ernie.erau.edu. Please check your ERAU email frequently, as the University will use this account to send official notification on University matters after a student is admitted.

The University does not provide support for forwarding email from the erau.edu domain to an external service provider (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook.com, etc.), however doing so is not explicitly prohibited by policy. Additionally, employees and students should be cognizant of the security implications associated with submitting or forwarding any sensitive messages via a third-party email service provider. The security of those third-party solutions cannot be assessed, as they are not within the University’s administrative control. Students may review ERAU’s Email Policy at: https://myerauedu.sharepoint.com/teams/APPM/section-7/Pages/7-9-policy.aspx

Your ERAU email account will remain active for up to two years after your last ERAU course. If you have not registered for a course, your system access will be terminated one year from your date of admission or one year from your application date if you have not yet been admitted.