Minor in Psychology

Minor courses of study are academic programs designed to satisfy students’ personal interest and to meet their professional needs. Students explore, in some depth, the offerings in a field of study. 

The Minor in Psychology provides students with a foundational understanding of psychological principles and their applications. This program focuses on developing critical thinking, research skills, and an appreciation for the diversity of psychological thought and practice. It will equip students with valuable life skills and a deeper understanding of human behavior and mental processes applicable across all industries and vocations. This minor complements a variety of majors and prepares students for diverse career paths by providing a broad perspective on various aspects of human psychology. 

A minor course of study provides the student with significant experience in a discipline organized around skills, methodology, and subject matter. To gain the greatest value from their academic experience, students are encouraged to select minors that complement their degree program and/or other minors that they are pursuing. 

The student becomes subject to the requirements of the minor as stated in the catalog that are in effect at the time the minor is declared. The department/program chair responsible for a particular minor determines how students fulfill deficits in credits for a minor and certifies that students are qualified to receive the minor. 

PSYC 220Introduction to Psychology3
Select 4 from the following List: 12
PSYC 320Aviation Psychology3
PSYC 326Group and Team Behavior3
PSYC 340Industrial/Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 350Social Psychology3
PSYC 355The Psychology of Creativity and Innovation3
PSYC 360Cultural Psychology 3
PSYC 365Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 400Introduction to Cognitive Science3
PSYC 440The Psychology of Resilience3
Total Credits15