Master of Aviation Cybersecurity

Students will:

  • Evaluate the air transportation ecosystem impacts.
  • Apply fundamentals of cybersecurity and information assurance.
  • Examine the impact of operation technology on aviation/aerospace supply chains, maintenance, and operations.
  • Evaluate cybersecurity risks within the aviation/aerospace ecosystem.
  • Develop effective cybersecurity mitigation strategies specific to the aviation/aerospace ecosystem.
  • Analyze cybersecurity risks and strategies.
  • Communicate cybersecurity risks and strategies with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.


ASCI 602The Air Transportation System3
MAVM 609Aircraft Maintenance Management3
MACY 515Foundations of Aviation Cybersecurity3
MACY 520Aviation Cybersecurity Threats, Actors, Tools, and Techniques3
MACY 525Aviation Cybersecurity Risk Management and Resilience3
MACY 510Security Engineering and Management3
MACY 516Operational Technology Risks in Aviation - IoT, ICS, SCADA3
MACY 517Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems Cybersecurity3
SPAC 515Cybersecurity Applications in Space3
MACY 526Cybersecurity Standards, Laws, and Regulations3
Total Credits30