M.S. in Airline Management

Students will:

  • Analyze different strategic approaches within the airline industry, including route planning, fleet management, alliances, and partnerships, in order to recommend effective strategies that align with market trends and competitive forces.
  • Integrate financial principles to make informed decisions related to airline financial management, including cost control, revenue optimization, budgeting, investment analysis, and risk management, with a focus on maximizing profitability and sustainability.
  • Examine the complex regulatory and legal frameworks governing the aviation environment, both domestically and internationally, and evaluate their impact on operational and strategic decision-making, while ensuring compliance and minimizing legal risks.
  • Formulate agile and comprehensive crisis management and business continuity plans that address various operational disruptions, such as natural disasters, security threats, and global health crises, by assessing their potential impacts, devising response strategies, and ensuring continued operations/business continuity.
  • Utilize analytical tools and methods to assess and optimize various operational aspects of airlines, including aircraft scheduling, maintenance, ground operations, passenger services, and customer experience with a focus on new technologies designed to enhance efficiency.
  • Integrate leadership and managerial theories and practices to effectively lead diverse teams, demonstrating advanced interpersonal and communication skills, conflict resolution abilities, and an understanding of organizational behavior dynamics including HR best practices and labor unions.



AVMG 501Aviation Law and Regulation3
AVMG 502Airline Management3
AVMG 503Aviation Technology and Innovation3
AVMG 504Customer Experience 3
AVMG 505Human Resource Management and Labor Relations3
AVMG 612Airline Operations3
AVMG 614TechOps and MRO's3
AVMG 616Airline Fleet, Network, and Route Planning3
AVMG 618Airline Pricing and Revenue Management3
AVMG 620Airline Sustainability and Operational Resilience3
Total Degree Requirements30