College of Business Common Specializations


Aviation Management

  • Apply industry best practices for managing airports
  • Evaluate airline management strategies
  • Develop safety plans for aviation and aerospace operations

Evaluate production and procurement practices in the aviation/aerospace sector

ASCI 602The Air Transportation System3
ASCI 674Project Management in Aviation/Aerospace3
ASCI 516Applications in Crew Resource Management3
ASCI 645Airport Operations and Management3

Business Intelligence and Analytics*

  • Develop analytics strategies to solve complex business problems
  • Identify data sources and analysis tools to generate actionable business intelligence
  • Manipulate data in database form to clean data and prepare it for analysis
  • Interpret analytics results in the form of infographics, dashboards, and other visualizations useful to a variety of audiences
MMIS 522Business Analytics, Social Network and Web Analytics3
MMIS 523Data Mining for Business Analytics3
MMIS 524Applied Business Intelligence and Analytics3
MMIS 505Information Analytics and Visualization in Decision Making3
A joint certificate will be issued

*A joint certificate will be issued to MSMIS students.


  • Apply appropriate analytical techniques to make optimal financial decisions
  • Value various types of financial assets
  • Apply financial strategies that enhance the firm’s value
MBAA 653International Finance3
EMGT 618Introduction to Financial Engineering: Futures and Options3
FIND 615Investments3
FIND 618Advanced Corporate Finance3
Prerequisite: MBAA 518

Human Resources

  • Analyze the roles and responsibilities of different facets of HRM including compensation and benefits, talent management, organizational training and development, and workforce planning
  • Analyze critical HRM issues that impact domestic and multinational enterprises
  • Using job analysis tools create a strategic workforce staffing plan
MGMT 607Human Resource Development3
MGMT 608Human Resources Management3
MGMT 678Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning3
MGMT 679Comprehensive Reward Systems3

International Business

  • Analyze different factors that influence global strategy
  • Analyze the internal success factors to operate in the global marketplace
  • Analyze the external success factors to operate in the global marketplace
MBAA 632Global Marketing3
MBAA 653International Finance3
MGMT 673Global Economic Analysis3
LGMT 685Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management3
Prerequisites: MBAA 514, MBAA 518, MBAA 604

Information Systems Security

  •  Analyze information security challenges in today’s business environment
  • ·Analyze IT policy and governance practices related to information security practices
  • ·Establish detection, containment and recovery strategies
MISA 531Secure Information Systems Design3
MISA 532Integrated Threat Warning and Attack Assessment for Enterprise Information Systems3
MISA 533Product and Systems Safety and Reliability: Issues for Information Assurance3
MISA 534Aviation / Aerospace Issues for Information Security3

Information Technology Management

  • Evaluate an organizations IT strategy
  • Appraise the various aspects of IT enterprise architecture
  • Generate solutions to common enterprise-level information technology challenges
MMIS 504Knowledge Management: Quality Management for the IS Enterprise3
MMIS 541Information Risk Management3
MMIS 552Information Systems and Information Technology Governance3
MMIS 553Change Management and Configuration Control3


  • Apply the proper leadership theories to real-world cases in a broad range of contexts to improve organizational outcomes
  • Evaluate different leadership perspectives within broad and diverse populations to address future organizational needs based on changing social, cultural, and organizational norms to include globalization
MSLD 520Management Skills for Leaders3
MSLD 521Leadership Communication3
MSLD 633Adaptive Leadership in Complex Environments3
MSLD 511Organizational Leadership3
~MSLD 500 will be waived for non-Leadership degree seeking students


  • Apply marketing analytical tools with an emphasis on content marketing, optimizations and usage
  • Apply innovation and ethical approaches when developing marketing strategy and communications with
MBAA 630Customer Value3
MBAA 632Global Marketing3
MBAA 633Digital Marketing3
EMGT 514Professional Service Marketing3
Prerequisite: MBAA 514

Project Management

  • Perform generally accepted project management techniques to plan and execute projects
  • Apply analytical tools for problem solving and effective project decision-making
  • Apply ethical, behavioral, and communications skills within the project team environment
  • Analyze project metrics for the purpose of reporting and control of projects
PMGT 500Foundations of Project Management3
PMGT 520Fundamentals of Project Scope, Schedule, Cost, and Resource Management3
PMGT 530Fundamentals of Project Quality, Communication, Stakeholder, Resource, and Procurement Management3
PMGT 613Assessing and Managing Project Risk3
Prerequisite required: MSEM: MGMT 524

Systems Engineering

  • Apply systems thinking tools to engineering and operational problems
  • Employ systems engineering tools to different types of systems throughout their lifecycle
  • Interpret stakeholder requirements for use in system analysis and design
  • Perform quantitative analysis techniques to systems engineering problems
SYSE 500Fundamentals of Systems Engineering3
SYSE 530System Requirements Analysis and Modeling3
SYSE 560Introduction to Systems Engineering Management3
SYSE 610System Architecture Design and Modeling3
No Prerequisites required for this specialization