M.S. in Management Information Systems

Students will:

  • Evaluate the role of information and knowledge in organizations and apply system development and project management principles to support the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives.
  • Integrate the principles of quality management to implement continuous business process improvements that achieve information systems’ reliability and robustness in sustainable ways.
  • Apply systems engineering principles to the requirements analysis, design, development, implementation and operational support of enterprise systems.
  • Integrate various ethical, legal, technological and professional perspectives, both local and global, throughout the various management information systems decision making and managerial and leadership processes.
  • Evaluate the various aspects of information and technology alternatives, stewardship and governance within different organizational and mission contexts.



Management Information Systems Core
MMIS 501Business Systems: Managing the IS Enterprise3
MMIS 503Data & Information Modeling & Management3
BUAN 505Information Analytics and Visualization in Decision Making3
MMIS 506Systems Analysis and Design3
MMIS 507Information Systems Strategic Planning3
MMIS 531Information Systems Project Management3
MMIS 690Management Information Systems Capstone3
Total Credits21


Certificate Options9-12
Certificate: Choose any College of Business Graduate Certificate

Non-Certificate Option

Non-Certificate Option12
12 credit hours of non-duplicated COB or other ERAU college graduate courses of student’s choice. For courses outside of the COB or transfer credit, Department Chair approval is required.
Total Degree Requirements30-33

Fast Track Plan of Study (MSMIS)

Year One

Term 1Credits
MMIS 501 Business Systems: Managing the IS Enterprise 3
MMIS 503 Data & Information Modeling & Management 3
 Credits Subtotal6.0
Term 2
BUAN 505 Information Analytics and Visualization in Decision Making 3
Elective/Certificate 3
 Credits Subtotal6.0
Term 3
MMIS 531 Information Systems Project Management 3
MMIS 507 Information Systems Strategic Planning 3
 Credits Subtotal6.0
Term 4
MMIS 506 Systems Analysis and Design 3
Elective/Certificate 3
 Credits Subtotal6.0
Term 5
MMIS 690 Management Information Systems Capstone 3
Elective/Certificate 3
 Credits Subtotal6.0
 Credits Total: 30.0

 Year Two

Term 1Credits
Elective/Certificate 3
 Credits Subtotal3.0
 Credits Total: 3.0
Total Credit Hours33