M.S. in Management Information Systems

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For the modern business enterprise, the ability to utilize information effectively is key to creating a competitive advantage. The most successful and sought-after leaders are those who understand how data can be used to drive profits, plans and projections

Now you can forge your future as an MIS leader with this exciting new online degree from the Embry-Riddle College of Business. With a focus on the critical intersection of information and business management, the Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MSMIS) program is designed for busy professionals who are interested in how information is applied to achieve bottom-line results.

Individuals with business, managerial and/or technical backgrounds will experience a new dimension of learning and opportunity with a choice of online degree specializations including Business Intelligence and Analytics and Information Technology Management. The Business Intelligence and Analytics specialization is a joint certificate program with SAS©. Students who complete this specialization will earn a recognized credential with SAS© in Business Intelligence and Analytics.

If you are interested in advancing your career into enterprise-wide MIS leadership, consider this program as a springboard to your future.

MSMIS Program Notes:

1)  It is strongly suggested that MMIS 501 and then MMIS 531 be the first two courses a student takes in their degree program. Many other classes build on this knowledge.
2)  Students are encouraged to have a Windows-based PC or the ability to emulate a Windows-based PC. In the absence of such, open-source software may need to be downloaded to complete certain activities.



Management Information Systems Core
MMIS 501Business Systems: Managing the IS Enterprise3
MMIS 503Data & Information Modeling & Management3
MMIS 505Information Analytics and Visualization in Decision Making3
MMIS 506Systems Analysis and Design3
MMIS 507Information Systems Strategic Planning3
MMIS 531Information Systems Project Management3
MMIS 690Management Information Systems Capstone3
Total Credits21


Specialization 9-12
Specializations: Choose any College of Business Common Specialization

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Total Degree Requirements30-33

Estimated Cost of Attendance