Minor in Engineering Sciences

The overall goal of the Engineering Sciences Minor is to provide insight into what engineers do, and an understanding of the tools and techniques they use. Participants in the engineering sciences minor program will not become engineers, but they should dramatically increase their ability to integrate their skills and communicate effectively with engineering professionals. They will acquire a conceptual understanding of what engineering, engineering design process, technology, and technology-related concepts are.

The program is designed to be an effective minor to supplement students’ non-engineering degree programs. This program is designed for students who are not engineering majors but are interested in understanding “how things work;” and are looking at management, technical marketing, sales, and related careers in an industry such as aviation and aerospace that continues to involve more technology.

Not open to BS in Engineering Technology or BS in Engineering students

ENGR 101Introduction to Engineering3
MATH 241Calculus and Analytical Geometry I4
PHYS 150Physics I for Engineers3
ESCI 201Statics3
SFTY 326System Safety3
BSAS 335Mechanical and Structural Factors in Aviation Safety3
AMNT 429Advanced Technologies in Design and Production of Aircraft Structures and Systems3
Total Credits22

Note: Prerequisite for MATH 241 is MATH 142 or MATH 143. Engineering Sciences Minor students should not take MATH 112, but rather MATH 142. Upon successful completion of MATH 142/241, students will receive credit for MATH 112.

Estimated Cost of Attendance