Aerospace Engineering (AENG)


AENG 502  Strength and Fatigue of Materials  3 Credits (3,0)

Analysis of stress and deformation in rods, beams, plates, shells and solids using the elementary theories of elasticity and plasticity. Theories of strength, impact, fatigue and creep. Computer methods and applications.

AENG 510  Aircraft Structural Dynamics  3 Credits (3,0)

Vibrations of deformable elastic structures using the assumed modes method. Analysis of a continuous system for specialized cases. Undamped and damped free and forced vibration of single-degree-of-freedom and multiple-degree-of-freedom system. Computer programming skills are necessary.

AENG 511  Engineering Materials Selection  3 Credits (3,0)

Introduction to mechanical behavior of common aerospace materials as it relates to structural performance. Methods for strengthening and toughening of metals ceramics and composites. Materials selection basics using functions, constraints, objectives. Ashby materials property charts. Materials selection with multiple constraints and conflicting objectives and shape factors. Designing hybrid materials and composites. Case studies from general and aerospace engineering. Course project

AENG 514  Introduction to the Finite Element Method  3 Credits (3,0)

Basic equations of the theory of elasticity. Energy principles. Formulation and assembly of stiffness matrices and load vectors for elastic solids. Modeling considerations. Solution methods Computer implementation of finite element and stress analysis procedures. Interpretation of computer solutions. Design applications.

AENG 522  Analysis of Aircraft Composite Materials  3 Credits (3,0)

Fiber materials, tapes cloths, resin systems. Theory of elastic anisotropic materials. Elastic constants for multi-ply composites. Matrix formulation. Computer analysis. Strength and theory of failure. Sources and use of experimental data. Design considerations.

AENG 525  Structural Design Optimization  3 Credits (3,0)

Review of numerical optimization techniques. Structural applications of linear and discrete methods, approximation techniques and sensitivity analysis, shape and topology optimization. Optimality criteria methods. Applications to trusses, frames and composite laminates. Optimization simulations using computer graphics software. Emphasis on modern optimization techniques linked to numerical methods of structural analysis (finite element method) through a structural design course project.

AENG 540  Structural Health Monitoring  3 Credits (3,0)

General introduction of structural health monitoring and nondestructive evaluation techniques of mechanical and aerospace structural components. Passive and active damage analysis through intelligent actuation and sensing systems. Damage detection, diagnosis, and prognosis are discussed utilizing signal processing techniques and physics based approaches.

AENG 612  Analysis of Aircraft Plate and Shell Structures  3 Credits (3,0)

Bending and buckling of plates. Cylindrical bending. Boundary value problems. Axisymmetric problems. Deformation of shells. Energy principles. Stress and stability analysis. Approximate methods. Finite element methods. Computer applications.