Engineering Management (EMGT)


EMGT 514  Professional Service Marketing  3 Credits (3,0)

This course will introduce students to marketing in a service and customer driven context. The course will examine the differences between marketing tangible goods and services. Marketing issues related to these differences will be identified and solutions/alterations necessary to market services will be explored. The Gap model of service quality will provide the framework for exploring the topics of the class.

EMGT 523  Engineering Economic Analysis  3 Credits (3,0)

Optimizing financial performance is a key responsibility of the engineering manager. This course will present students the major concepts and techniques of engineering economic analysis needed in the decision making process. Concepts covered will include time value of money, discounted cash flows, break-even analysis, tax implications and analysis of single and multiple investments. Pre-Requisite: BUSW 500 or permission of Graduate Program Chair.

EMGT 618  Introduction to Financial Engineering: Futures and Options  3 Credits (3,0)

This course examines the use of forwards, futures, SWAPS and other financial derivatives for hedging, arbitrage and speculative purposes in the global environment. The course focuses on how firms use these instruments to manage risks such as exchange rate risk, interest rate risk and commodity price risk. The emphasis is on understanding the mechanics, valuation and management techniques behind financial engineering using these derivatives.
Prerequisites: MBAA 518 or EMGT 523.