Marketing - GR (MKTG)


MKTG 510  Economics of Marketing  1.5 Credit (1.5,0)

How economics impacts marketing. Impact of macro and micro economic factors, market structures, and supply and demand on a firm's pricing, promotion and distribution decisions.

MKTG 511  Science of Selling  1.5 Credit (1.5,0)

Professional sales and sales management strategies, techniques, and tools that fuel this key top-line revenue-driven subset of marketing. Sales programs; optimizing sales performance; customer lifetime value.

MKTG 512  Delivering Customer Solutions  1.5 Credit (1.5,0)

Strategic decisions necessary to develop product and service solutions that generate customer value in a competitive marketplace. Market analysis; new product development; product lifecycle; service management; service quality; communicating customer value.

MKTG 514  Professional Service Marketing  3 Credits (3,0)

Marketing course that explores service marketing attributes in a customer driven context. Service quality elements are analyzed using the Gap model as a framework to examine the differences between marketing tangible goods and services.
Prerequisites: MKTG 510 and MKTG 511 and MKTG 512 or MKTG 311

MKTG 630  Customer Value  3 Credits (3,0)

Marketing specialization course for the MBAA Program that examines ways that high performing companies consistently meet and exceed customers' wants and needs. Customer value themes address how companies respond to change, customer loyalty, and more.
Prerequisites: MKTG 510 and MKTG 511 and MKTG 512 or MKTG 311

MKTG 632  Global Marketing  3 Credits (3,0)

Global perspective on marketing management strategies. Current issues and events in the international market. Legal, regulatory, political, language, and other cultural factors influencing products and services for firms operating globally. Pre-Requisite: MKTG 510, MKTG 511, MKTG 512 or MKTG 311 or equivalent course.

MKTG 633  Digital Marketing  3 Credits (3,0)

Digital marketing and technology have changed the way customers, retailers, manufacturers, and marketers operate. Topics include how technology is influencing the way customers shop, how products and services are marketed, and how customer information can create value. Digital marketing strategy; analytics, search engines, social media, web and mobile design; and reputation management.
Prerequisites: MKTG 510 and MKTG 511 and MKTG 512 or MKTG 311

MKTG 640  Analytics in Marketing Decision-Making  3 Credits (3,0)

How analytics can be used to improve marketing decision-making. Analytical tools and software, marketing metrics, marketing modeling software and web/social media measurement tools. Quantitative and qualitative marketing analytics analysis and visualizations. Real-world examples, datasets, and cases placing data analytics techniques in a marketing context.
Prerequisites: MKTG 510 or MKTG 311