Academic Advisement

A student's Academic Advisor is responsible for orientation to the University upon admission and academic guidance through the degree program, which includes advising students of University regulations and procedures. These responsibilities also include, but are not limited to:

  • Discussing academic programs to ensure students understand what each program offers
  • Discussing possible credit transferability for incoming students
  • Understanding the assessment of required foundational knowledge (skills assessment for Undergraduate degree-seeking students)
  • Providing information pertaining to course and program prerequisite requirements
  • Supporting students with information related to enrollment, course materials, financial assistance, and payment requirements
  • Discussing class attendance expectations
  • General student support

A student’s primary point of contact is the Campus Director at their Worldwide Campus home location. For Online students not associated with a Worldwide Campus location, their primary contact is their Online Academic Advisor at the Online Campus. Students can expect a response from their assigned campus advisor within 72 hours for all inquiries.