Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate students are required to complete at least 25% of semester credit hours through ERAU instruction to achieve residency. Per state regulations, for undergrad degree completion, all Virginia Campus students are required to complete a minimum of 30% coursework at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in order to achieve residency.  Students pursuing any undergraduate degree must earn a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00 for all courses completed at the undergraduate level at the University.  Certificate of completion seeking students must complete program requirements as specified.

Graduate students are required to complete all graduate course work with Embry-Riddle with a maximum of 12 credit hours of transfer work permitted for most programs.  Students pursuing any graduate degree must earn a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.00 for all courses completed at the graduate level at the University.

All students must complete the general graduation requirements as prescribed by the University, as well as all degree requirements specified in the degree program being pursued. Graduation requirements are not subject to petition or waiver.

Students must initiate an application for graduation online by accessing Campus Solutions, selecting "Academic Advising," and then “Apply for Graduation” from the column of choices.  A qualified student will not be graduated by ERAU until a graduation application has been received and processed by the University, and the graduation fee has been remitted.  Undergraduate students must be within 12 credit hours of program completion before submitting a graduation application; masters students must be within 6 credit hours of program completion before submitting a graduation application.  Graduation applications are canceled after one year if all program requirements are not met.  Graduation application fees are non-refundable. 

Graduation Honors

Undergraduate Students:

Graduation honors status recognizes degree-seeking students who have demonstrated excellent performance throughout their academic careers. Statuses are only awarded to students who complete bachelor’s degree programs.  In order to be eligible, the student must have completed at least 45 credit hours in residence at ERAU. The level of graduation honors will be based on the cumulative grade point average for all undergraduate courses taken at Embry-Riddle at the time the degree is conferred. The honors level will appear on the student’s diploma and academic transcript with the degree information. 

Graduation honors (baccalaureate only) will be awarded in accordance with the following criteria:

Honors Level CGPA
Summa cum laude 3.900-4.000
Magna cum laude 3.700-3.899
Cum laude 3.500-3.699

Graduate Students:

Graduate students are recognized through inclusion of the notation “With Distinction” on diplomas and transcripts. To be eligible, students must have completed their graduate studies with a CGPA of 4.0, based on grades received in all ERAU graduate coursework.


Diplomas are issued upon successful fulfillment of all academic and financial requirements. Diplomas will be mailed to the student at the address specified on the graduation application. Diplomas will not be forwarded if the address is incorrect but will be returned to the Office of the Registrar.

Diplomas are mailed weekly from the Office of the Registrar, and are not distributed at the graduation ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony

Any eligible student may participate in any of Worldwide’s global graduation ceremonies held annually in:  Daytona Beach and Pensacola, Florida; Germany; Japan; San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington; Dallas, Texas; and DC Metro Area.

Eligible students may also choose to attend the formal graduation ceremony held at the residential campus in Prescott, AZ.  Worldwide students are generally not permitted to participate in the Daytona Beach residential campus student ceremony.

Undergraduate students must be within 12 credit hours of degree completion to participate. Graduate students must be degree complete to participate.  Any applicable honors status will not be awarded or recognized in a program or ceremony unless the candidate is degree complete.  Students who petition to participate in a graduation ceremony prior to degree completion are not permitted to wear honor cords/distinction medallions, regardless of their in-progress GPA.  Honor cords/distinction medallions are awarded to graduation ceremony participants at the time of the ceremony. 

The cost of regalia for any Worldwide student who attends a Worldwide graduation ceremony in Daytona Beach, Prescott, or at a recognized regional ceremony is paid through the Worldwide Office of the Registrar.  Students are responsible for ordering their regalia via the Project Graduation website, and it is shipped to the campus hosting the ceremony they select.  Students who wish to participate in the Prescott ceremony must notify the Worldwide Office of the Registrar of their intent via the graduation application and must work with the Prescott campus bookstore to obtain appropriate graduation regalia.  Students may be subject to additional graduation fees for participation in the Prescott ceremony.

The Worldwide student ceremony, held in Daytona Beach, is generally prior to the Daytona Beach residential campus student ceremony. Please consult ERNIE for graduation ceremony schedules.

Graduation ceremony application deadline dates, subject to change, are:

Ceremony Location Deadline
Spring Worldwide @ Daytona Beach February 28
Spring Prescott March 01
Winter Prescott November 01