Transfer or Change in Degree Program

Change of Degree or Certificate Program

Students may apply to change their degree program if they meet academic qualifications.

When a student elects to change a program, certificate, or minor, the requirements of the catalog in effect at the time the request was initiated apply. When a student elects to change a specialization/concentration or undergraduate level (AS to BS or BS to AS) within a degree program, the catalog year remains the same.

Students considering such changes should contact Academic Advising to determine how they will be affected.

Transfer Between Graduate Degree Programs

Only relevant coursework will be applied to an applicant’s graduate degree program at Embry-Riddle. The content of the applicable course or other program will be used to determine the nature of the credit to be applied to the student’s degree requirement. The appropriate department chair and program chair will make these determinations.

When transferring from one Embry-Riddle graduate program to another, this credit may include prior work on a Graduate Capstone Project (GCP). The combined total credit applied to an Embry-Riddle graduate degree for most programs is 12 credit hours.

Intra-University Transfer

Students wishing to transfer among the Daytona Beach, Prescott, and Worldwide Campuses must meet eligibility criteria and requirements as defined by the University academic policy.  Students should contact their Academic Advisor to ensure the desired courses are available at the receiving campus in the desired modality and can meet the requirements of the student's current or intended degree program.  Transfers may not be permitted if the student is on academic probation/warning, AND/OR the student is not in good financial standing, has an account balance or financial hold, AND/OR the receiving campus does not offer the degree program which the student wishes to pursue, in the modality desired.