Government (GOVT)

(Social Sciences)


GOVT 320  American National Government  3 Credits (3,0)

This course covers basic issues of American democracy, constitutional principles, and the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.

GOVT 325  International Studies  3 Credits (3,0)

An overview of the land, the people, the culture, and the history of one region of the world, this course emphasizes current events and policies on the global scene. Specific content varies from year to year.

GOVT 331  Current Issues in America  3 Credits (3,0)

This is a course in selected political-economic issues of national and international importance. It includes extensive use of journals, magazines and newspapers to supplement lectures and discussions.
Prerequisites: RSCH 202.

GOVT 340  U.S. Foreign Policy  3 Credits (3,0)

A survey of the evolution of present American foreign policy, stressing the factors that affect and shape this policy. Attention is given to present governmental offices, agencies, and departments and the role each plays in policy formulation and implementation. Emphasis is on the period since World War II.
Prerequisites: RSCH 202.

GOVT 363  Inter-American Relations  3 Credits (3,0)

This course explores the development of U.S. political and economic relations with Latin America from their beginnings in the 19th century to present.
Prerequisites: RSCH 202.

GOVT 401  American Constitutional Law  3 Credits (3,0)

This course is a study of the basics of the United States Constitution and the rights of the individual. Included is the study of the First Amendment freedoms of speech, press, assembly, association, and religion; the right to privacy; and Fourteenth Amendment equal protection. Constitutional law pertaining to the rights of the criminally accused and the duties and responsibilities of the officer to protect and respect such rights is also studied.

GOVT 402  Globalization and World Politics  3 Credits (3,0)

This course is a study of the contemporary debate on globalization and new world order. Key topics include but are not limited to problems of definition in globalization; transborder issues and the role of the state; multinational corporations; labor and the terms of international trade; issues of environmental degradation; international organizations and nongovernment organizations in global affairs; terrorism, global crime, and international security human rights, democracy and cultural nationalism; technology and global communication.
Prerequisites: RSCH 202.