Research - UG (RSCH)


RSCH 10  Research Preparation  0 Credits (0,0)

This performance-oriented course is designed to increase student success in college by introducing and actively engaging students in the research process. Topics include: understanding research, sourcing, using a library, choosing a research topic, gathering and organizing information, analyzing a thesis and outline, and determining how to cite and reference sources. This course is for zero credit hours, cannot be used to satisfy credit requirements for ERAU degrees, and may be repeated.

RSCH 200  Inquiry & Discovery: Exploring Academic Sources  3 Credits (3,0)

Identifying, understanding, and evaluating reliability of academic sources for use in research projects. Provides strategies for engaging with academic articles and introduces the conventions of scholarly literature across multiple fields. Emphasizes critical reading, analysis, and synthesis of multiple sources.

RSCH 202  Introduction to Research Methods  3 Credits (3,0)

This course is a general introduction to research intended to equip first and second year undergraduate students with the skills needed in their studies. Topics covered include the purposes of research, defining research and research problems, defining a hypothesis, problem solving and knowledge discovery, methods of quantitative and qualitative research, conducting literature reviews, designing appropriate methodologies, evaluating outcomes, analysis and communicating the results.
Prerequisites: ENGL 123 or ENGL 221 and STAT 211 or STAT 222

RSCH 350  Research Ethics  3 Credits (3,0)

Comprehensive exploration of ethical principles and challenges in academic research. Historical context of research ethics, ethical standards, and contemporary challenges, including informed consent, data integrity, human and animal research ethics, the influence of funding, and the integrity of publication and peer review processes.
Prerequisites: ENGL 123

RSCH 395  Publication-Ready STEM Research  3 Credits (3,0)

Collaboratively or individually complete a STEM-related undergraduate research project. Produce a submission-ready formal research paper. Note: Students must first secure a research supervisor and are encouraged to work through COMPASS to do so -- develop and present research project ideas prior to initiating registration.
Prerequisites: RSCH 202