Aviation Maintenance Science Powerplant

The minor in Aviation Maintenance Science Powerplant will lead to a student being qualified for FAA testing, and upon passing the required exams, becoming an FAA-certified mechanic with the powerplant rating. The minor requires 12 credit hours of general AMS coursework plus 18 credit hours of powerplant-specific AMS coursework. In order to receive this minor, a minimum GPA of 2.0 must be achieved in the AMS general courses and also a minimum of 2.0 in the AMS powerplant courses. For a transfer student, at least 50% of the courses required for this minor must be taken at Embry-Riddle. For a student who has completed the Aviation Maintenance Science Airframe minor, or has the FAA Mechanic’s Certificate with airframe rating, only the 18 credits of powerplant-specific courses will be needed to complete this minor.

Students may earn a minor in Aviation Maintenance Science Powerplant by successfully completing the following:

AMS 115Aviation Mathematics and Physics2
AMS 116Fundamentals of Electricity4
AMS 117Tools, Materials and Processes4
AMS 118Aircraft Familiarization and Regulations2
AMS 271Aircraft Reciprocating Powerplant and Systems3
AMS 272Powerplant Electrical and Instrument Systems3
AMS 273Propeller Systems2
AMS 274Aircraft Turbines Powerplants and Systems4
AMS 375Repair Station Operations3
AMS 376Powerplant Line Maintenance3
Total Credits30