Avionics Line Maintenance

For the student interested in working in an aircraft line maintenance environment, the Aviation Maintenance Science Department offers this minor to prepare the student for working with today’s complex electronic aircraft. The student will gain a working knowledge of the intricacies of avionics maintenance from general aviation to transport category aircraft through classroom theory and hands-on lab projects. Avionics maintenance training and expertise are in high demand throughout the aerospace industry. To accomplish the high quality of maintenance required by the industry, avionics technicians must be knowledgeable in terrestrial and satellite navigation systems, airborne and onboard communication systems, surveillance systems, auto flight systems, glass flight deck installations, data network architectures and the integration of all of these systems.

The Avionics Line Maintenance Minor is offered through the Aviation Maintenance Science Department. The courses that make up the minor are as follows:

AMS 116Fundamentals of Electricity4
AMS 264General Aviation Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Systems3
AMS 366Transport Category Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Systems3
AMS 380Radio Communication Theory & Application2
AMS 384General Aviation Avionics Systems Integration4
AMS 388Air Transport Avionics Systems Line Maintenance6
Total Credits22