Students may earn a minor in Humanities by successfully completing 18 hours. Within those 18 hours, students must select two courses from the HU 140-146 series for a subtotal of 6 credits.

Additionally, students must complete four courses selected from the list below for a subtotal of 12 credits. Note that at least one course from the following must be completed: HU 300, HU 305, and/or HU 310.

Select two of the following:6
Western Humanities I: Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Western Humanities II: Renaissance to Postmodern
Studies in Literature
Introduction to Rhetoric
Studies in Art
Themes in the Humanities
Music Appreciation and Criticism
Select four of the following:12
World Literature
Contemporary Issues in Science
Modern Literature
American Literature
Exploring Film
Values and Ethics
Technology and Modern Civilization
Interdisciplinary Explorations
World Philosophy
Comparative Religions
Creative Writing
Total Credits18

HU 395/HU 495 and HU 399/HU 499 may be included in the minor with advance permission of the department chair.