Terrorism Studies

The terrorism studies program (15 credits, 5 courses) combines several advanced topics in terrorism such as irregular warfare, concerns about transnational asymmetric insurgencies, counter-terrorism strategies and policy, and counter intelligence strategies with upper level courses in international relations. Of the five total courses, students choose two international relations courses from a large list of course in order to more deeply develop an appreciation of the issues and challenges that terrorists present in various nations and cultures and how those impact the U.S.

Courses used in the International Relations or the International History Minor cannot be used in the Terrorism Studies Minor.

Select three of the following:9
Studies in Transportation Sector Infrastructure and Protection
Terrorism, Insurgency and Irregular Warfare
International Crime and Criminal Justice Structure
Advanced Topics in Terrorism
Select two of the following:6
International Conflict Resolution
Political Violence
Theories of Nations and Nationalism
Modern Russian History
Russian-U.S. Relations
U.S. - Asian Relations
Contemporary Africa and the World
The Modern Middle East in World Affairs
Globalization and World Politics
Inter-American Relations
U.S. Military History 1900-Present
International Studies
Current Issues in America
Modern U.S. Foreign Policy
Total Credits15