Aerospace Engineering

This minor will provide knowledge in basic Aerospace Engineering. Students earn this minor by completing a total of 17 credit hours as follows:

AE 301Aerodynamics I3
AE 313Space Mechanics3
AE 318Aerospace Structures I3
Specified Electives8
Total Credits17

Specified Electives

Choose 8 credits from the list below:

AE 302Aerodynamics II *3
AE 314Experimental Aerodynamics *1
AE 315Experimental Aerodynamics Laboratory *1
AE 324Experimental Space Systems Engineering **2
AE 326Experimental Space Systems Engineering Lab **1
AE 413Airplane Stability and Control *3
AE 414Space Propulsion **3
AE 416
AE 417
Aerospace Structures and Instrumentation
and Aerospace Structures and Instrumentation Laboratory
AE 418Aerospace Structures II3
AE 426Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics **3
EGR 402Application of Advanced CATIA Methods3
EP 394Space Systems Engineering **3
ES 413Engineering Fundamental Review1
ES 415Engineering Fundamentals Practicum3
ME 309Airbreathing and Rocket Propulsion *3

These courses are recommended for students interested in Aeronautics.


These courses are recommended for students interested in Astronautics.