Mechanical Engineering

This minor will provide knowledge in basic Mechanical Engineering. Students earn this minor by completing a total of 17 credit hours as follows:

ME 304Introduction to Machine Design3
ME 3051
Specified Electives13
Total Credits17

Specified electives - please select from list below:

EGR 402Application of Advanced CATIA Methods3
ES 403Heat Transfer **,***3
ES 413Engineering Fundamental Review1
ES 415Engineering Fundamentals Practicum3
MA 412Probability and Statistics *3
ME 302 *3
ME 302LIntroduction to Robotics I Laboratory *1
ME 309Airbreathing and Rocket Propulsion **3
ME 312Alternative Energy I ***3
ME 403Thermal Power Systems **,***3
ME 406 *3
ME 406LRobotics II Laboratory *1
ME 417 **3
ME 432Alternative Energy II ***3

Note: This minor is not open to students pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.