M.S. in Human Factors

Students will:

  • Apply human factors evidence-based methodologies to identify, interpret, and define industry-based problems and develop strategies to control mitigate and/or solve them.
  • Apply the fundamentals of human factors and ergonomic (human factors and ergonomics) principles and concepts to complex socio-technical systems.
  • Comprehensively evaluate human physiological capabilities and limitations across multiple human factors and ergonomics domains.
  • Demonstrate ethical professional writing, communication and oral presentation skills using appropriate media and industry technology.
  • Evaluate human cognitive/psychological capabilities and limitations comprehensively across multiple human factors and ergonomics domains.



MSHF 606Human Cognition3
MSHF 612Human Performance, Limitation, and Error3
MSHF 618Human Factors in Virtual and Simulated Environments3
MSHF 624Ergonomics and Biomechanics3
MSHF 640Human Physiology and Adaptation3
MSHF 641Systems Psychology3
MSHF 647Human Factors in Complex Systems3
Total Credits21

Research Options:

  Culminating Research Experience (CRE)

RSCH 650Research Methods and Analysis3
MSHF 653Cognitive Systems Engineering3
MSHF 691MSHF Culminating Research Experience3
Total Credits9


RSCH 665Statistical Analysis3
RSCH 670Research Methods3
MSHF 700AMSHF Thesis I3
MSHF 700BMSHF Thesis II3
Total Credits12
Total Degree Requirements
Culminating Research Experience (CRE)30