M.S. in Occupational Safety Management

Students will:

  • Identify, formulate, and solve broadly-defined technical or scientific problems by applying knowledge of mathematics and science and/or technical topics to areas relevant to the discipline.
  • Formulate or design a system, process, procedure, or program to meet desired needs.
  • Function effectively on teams that establish goals, plan tasks, meet deadlines, and analyze risk and uncertainty.
  • Anticipate, recognize, evaluate, prevent, and control workplace safety and occupational health hazards within numerous industries to protect people, property, the environment, and organizational operations.
  • Have an ability to effectively manage the occupational safety and health functions within a variety of industries.
  • Have an ability to justify occupational safety and health programs, initiatives, and control efforts through the use of business and risk management metrics by maintaining compliance with applicable standards and regulations or through scientific evaluation of outcomes.
  • Have an ability to effectively communicate and interact with persons at all levels within an organization and externally about occupational safety, health, and environmental management.
  • Practice and perform in an ethical, moral, responsible, and accountable manner in all aspects, but especially in the practice of safety, understanding the impact of technical and/or scientific solutions in global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts.
  • Identify an occupational safety and health research problem; complete a thorough review of the scholarly literature; formulate and test hypotheses or research questions; collect and appropriately analyze qualitative or quantitative data; and interpret and report research findings using scientific judgement to improve the field of occupational safety and health or to provide solutions to an occupational safety and health problem.



SFTY 530Safety, Health and Environmental Legislation, Litigation & Compliance3
SFTY 540Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response3
SFTY 570Fire Safety Management3
SFTY 580Environmental Protection for the Safety, Health and Environmental Manager3
SFTY 590Hazard Control Methods in Occupational Safety and Health3
SFTY 600Occupational Safety and Health Management3
SFTY 611Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology3
SFTY 619Human Factors and Ergonomics3
RSCH 650Research Methods and Analysis3
SFTY 691Graduate Capstone Course3
Total Degree Requirements30