M.S. in Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability

Students will:

  • Evaluate the application of environmental tools and policy schemes in the aviation and aerospace industry.
  • Create sustainable operations for the aviation and aerospace industry.
  • Apply leading-edge sustainable aviation and aerospace technologies and solutions.
  • Create sustainable best management practices for economic sustainability.


AASI 600Sustainable Aviation and Aerospace Perspectives3
AASI 605Aviation and Aerospace Sustainable Organizations3
AASI 607Airport Sustainability Operations 3
AASI 611Sustainable Aviation Fuels and Carbon Offsetting3
AASI 613Sustainable Air Traffic Management3
AASI 625Sustainability Policy in Aviation and Aerospace3
AASI 629Sustainable Air Vehicles; Design and Propulsion3
AASI 635Sustainable Aviation Techniques and Tools3
AASI 637Aircraft Decommissioning and Circular Economy 3
AASI 639Aviation Corporate Sustainability Management 3
Total Credits30