Master of Aviation Maintenance

Students will:

  • Integrate aviation maintenance within a global business environment.
  • Develop strategies for managing the resources of global aviation maintenance.
  • Analyze data to make decisions for gaining efficiencies within the global aviation maintenance organization.
  • Integrate a safety culture into a global aviation maintenance environment.


MAVM 609Aircraft Maintenance Management3
MSAS 621Aviation/Aerospace Safety Program Management3
MAVM 644Integrated Logistics In Aviation Management3
SFTY 530Safety, Health and Environmental Legislation, Litigation & Compliance3
BUAN 505Information Analytics and Visualization in Decision Making3
MAVM 601Leadership in Global Aviation Maintenance Organizations3
MAVM 605Global Maintenance Resource Management3
MAVM 615Strategic Management of Global Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Operations3
MAVM 620Project Management for Aviation Maintenance3
MAVM 625Trends and Challenges for Global Aviation Maintenance Organizations3
Total Degree Requirements30