M.S. in Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems

Students will:

  • Discuss the origination of system capabilities, processes, and technology.
  • Examine the effects of the legal and regulatory process on industry practices.
  • Investigate uncrewed systems platform and payload selection based on mission oriented goals.
  • Explain factors influencing the adoption and use of associated system technologies, in relation to past, present, and emerging perspectives.
  • Analyze data through the use of appropriate methods supporting application and operations.
  • Investigate how related technologies could affect future markets.


UNSY 501Application of Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems3
UNSY 502Current Issues in Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems3
UNSY 503Legal and Regulatory Issues in Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems3
UNSY 603Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems Operational Configuration3
UNSY 606Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems Interoperability and Control3
MACY 517Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems Cybersecurity3
Total Credits18
Select one specialization from the following list (includes 4 specific courses per):
Total Degree Requirements30


Small Uncrewed Aircraft System (sUAS) Operations
Students declaring the sUAS Operations Specialization or registering for courses within it must be physically located within the U.S. when registering for and while participating in the UNSY 520 and UNSY 620 courses. Students must contact their Academic Advisor regarding additional cost, possible travel, and FAA Testing, prior to enrolling in the first course of this specialization, UNSY 515.
UNSY 515sUAS Operation Fundamentals3
UNSY 520sUAS Practical Application and Assessment3
UNSY 620sUAS Operational Planning and Safety Management3
UNSY 625sUAS Advanced Fixed-Wing Operations3
Technical Development and Support
SYSE 500Fundamentals of Systems Engineering3
SYSE 530System Requirements Analysis and Modeling3
UASE 531Robotics and Control3
UNSY 635Remote Sensing Data Analysis3
RSCH 665Statistical Analysis3
RSCH 670Research Methods3
RSCH 700AThesis I3
RSCH 700BThesis II3